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MacDonald Training Center (MTC) – “empowering people with disabilities to lead the lives they choose. We do this by shattering barriers to independence that have traditionally kept people with disabilities from being valued and contributing members of our communities. Our innovative life and job skills training curriculum, community based residential supports, and competitive employment placement services are designed to enhance independence by reducing reliance on government funding for the individuals we are privileged to serve as well as our organization.”

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BambinOz founder Carren Rieger took a moment recently to sit down with the Tampa Bay Business Journal for its “Up and Comers” feature. Click here to read the interview.

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When Tampa native and Carren Rieger switched careers from strategy consultant on Wall Street to stay-at-home mom in Brisbane, Australia, she found some aspects of her job not to be as expected. The visions she’d had of spontaneous adventures with her husband and children ceded to the reality that it is often easier to stay home than it is to wrangle a child at feeding time in public, much less in an airport.

She thought it would be great if someone would come up with a product for parents who want to be able to venture outside the home and still be able to handle baby meal times with ease. As no one had, though, the Ivy League business school grad did it herself………Click here to read the full article.

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Clinical Psychologist – Behavioral Analyst, M.S., Ph.D. (Board Certified)
Director of Child Health and Human Development Studies

“There has been a rising concern by consumers and retail stores in regard to “portable chair solutions” that are supposedly designed to help restrain an infant or toddler safely in public and home settings. The BambinOz PortaChair provided an excellent medium for our team to include in our child behavioural and development studies related to this and multiple other concerns.”
“In the results of our studies, the BambinOz PortaChair was one of the limited few that managed to effectuate meeting our expectations in safety and comfort concerns. The BambinOz PortaChair also substantiated that it was conducive to positive in-progress as well as post emotional and behavioral development.”
“In conclusion of our studies we have found the BambinOz PortaChair to have exceeded our expectations. With so many vital concerns being met, including environmental interests, this is a product we are proud to say we had the opportunity have available as part of our child behavioural and development studies.”

Marketing Development Specialist / Business Analytics
Professor of Marketing Development Studies

“In my evaluation of the BambinOz Porta Chair it was seen as nothing short of a distinguished product that can serve as a model for others to follow. It was not only well designed and passed all of my safety testing but has gone well beyond the normal expectations with validated lab-test results. The independent lab test results also included verification of Eco-freindly materials being used.

The added costs of going well above the average by way of independent lab testing, providing confirmation of Eco-friendly dyes, and lack of toxic materials being used, adds even greater value and assurance for the buyer with the BambinOz PortaChair.”

“My evaluation included a wide range of study ranging from the portability, ease of use on a wide range of chairs, and of course safety, but my strongest emphasis was on functionality. Safety is always a primary issue but functionality and price are generally what buyer looks at first.

In the results of my review of the BambinOz PortaChair it was superior to many I have reviewed in the past; a distinguished product that will hold a dominant position against its rivals. Color, padding, functionality, safety, and contributing to ecological concerns are the recipe for a successful product and the BambinOz PortaChair has them all.”

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When it comes to the consumer hands-on evaluation of the BambinOz PortaChair, fascination was the name of the game. With well appreciated assistance of a major chain furniture store, we had the widest variety of chairs ever seen. We only had one sample for parents to test the BambinOz PortaChair with their child yet there were no complaints. Nothing was like this experience with so many excited parents!

When the furniture store offered to provide us with a “…few more chairs to have a more varied variety” none of us could never possibly imagine seeing the number and variety of chairs that were brought to us to assist us. Just imagine having only one BambinOz PortaChair and a vast number of chairs to use for the testing!

This became an event like no other as each of the parents put the BambinOz PortaChair on a maximum of 3 different chairs for their own personal hands-on evaluation. Who could possibly imagine every parent giving nothing but praise about the BambinOz PortaChair.

Despite the long wait for many participants, they patiently waited all the same. One mother even remarked after evaluation, “It was well worth the wait. My daughter was so comfortable and well restrained. I actually had a few moments to relax and think!”

Another mom participating in our consumer hands-on evaluation was so elated when she said, “I love that it can hook up to a variety of chairs – could even be used on a shopping cart since they are often lacking seat belts. Genuis! We’re keeping this permanently in the diaper bag.”

It became apparent as we observed all the evaluation participants that what mattered most to them was the ease of use and functionality. Price point wasn’t even a concern in comparison to all of the other products we had available for consumer hands-on evaluation.

Like everything else we enjoy in life, this consumer hands-on evaluation event had to come to close. In our going over all of the video tapes, feedback forms, and other content, we were all pleased to see that the BambinOz PortaChair passed this segment of our product evaluation without a hiccup.

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The BambinOz Porta Chair will be showcased in the “New Inventions” section of SkyMall Magazine, Summer edition (July, August, September) with over 5.1 million printed copies. Look for us next time you’re up in the sky!

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BambinOz has been selected as one of the finalists in the “Most Awesome Feeding Supplies” category in Red Tricycle’s Totally Awesome Awards 2011 sponsored by Giggle. Over 20K nominations were cast by moms & dads over a 4 week period and the results are in – everyone thinks we are Totally Awesome!

Please vote for BambinOz at

Voting ends October 14, 2011, so stay tuned for more news…

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